How do I restock The Dental Box? Do I need to re-order the entire kit?

Restock is on an individual item basis. You only need to order the individual item you need. Our replenishment guide and lid insert inventory system assists staff in maintaining and coordinating the restock of the Box. Reordering may be done via phone, fax or email. For more information on how to order, click here.

How can I get a company W-9?

To obtain our company W-9, click here!

What is the cost of The Dental Box?

The cost of The Dental Box is $649.99.

How were the individual items in The Dental Box® chosen for use in the Emergency Medicine setting?

All items were chosen because of their ease of use, prolonged shelf life as well as their clinical usefulness. These are the same items a Dentist would use for temporary emergency treatment until definitive management could be arranged.

Can you use each item in The Dental Box on more than one patient?

Yes. The items in The Dental Box are intended and designed for multiple patient uses. They can usually provide for at least 8-10 patient encounters, with the exception of EMT Toothsaver, which is single use.

How soon do you need to replace the items in The Dental Box?

The medications and medicaments in The Dental Box have extended shelf lives which helps to contain costs. Most items last for several years.

How do I learn how to use the items in The Dental Box?

The syringes, calcium hydroxide paste, eugenol cement, tooth preservation system and periodontal paste all come with easy to follow directions. The Dental Box also includes laminated pictorial instruction cards which offer tips and suggestions for performing dental blocks and using the items in The Dental Box. Instructional videos are available on this website.

Does The Dental Box accept credit cards?

In addition to accepting Purchase Orders or Checks, Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Discover are also easily accepted.

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Kit Contents

Kit Contents

List of content and quantities for items in your Dental Box


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Quick Reference Guide Booklet


Instructional text and image for quick reference usage of Dental Box


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Order Form

Order Form

Dental kit form and reorder parts form


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Instructional videos


Instructional videos for quick reference


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replenishment guide

Replenishment Guide

Dental Box part ordering quick reference guide


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