NEW The Dental Box® (DBKT2)

The Dental Box, designed by an Emergency Physician, provides for the emergency care of acute dental emergencies until definitive care by a dentist can be arranged. The medications, medicaments, and anesthetics contained in The Dental Box enable busy emergency professionals to quickly and easily take care of fractured teeth, subluxations, luxations, avulsions, dry sockets, deep caries, loose appliances and bleeding mucosa and oral ulcers.

The Dental Box Contents:
  • Instruction Booklet NEW!
  • Lollicaine® 20% Topical Anesthetic (120)*
  • Barricaid® Visible Light Cure Periodontal Dressing (4 syringes)
  • Temrex ZOE Automix Dual Syringe Temporary Cement (1 syringe, 15 tips)
  • Lime-Lite™ Enhanced Light Cure Cavity Liner (4 syringes, 20 tips)
  • Vivacaine - Bupivacaine w/ EPI Carpules (50)
  • EMT™ Toothsaver
  • Dry Socket Paste
  • Disposable Dental Mirrors (36)
  • 27 Gauge, 1.5" Needle Syringe Barrels (box of 100)*
  • Disposable Plastic Ringed Aspirators (box of 50)*
  • Sterile Cotton Dental Rolls (10 packs of 5)
  • Hemcon Dental Dressing (2 packs of 2 dressings)
  • Dental Box Head Lamp (1)
  • Dental LED Curing Light (1)
  • Dental Relief Wax strips (6 packs of 5 strips)
  • Inventory Lid Insert
  • Debacterol Canker Sore Pain Relief (6)
*Items of larger quantities are not shipped within The Dental Box.
Replacement Items may be shipped with The Dental Box.
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NEW The Dental Box

Item #: DBKT2
WARNING: California's Proposition 65
Expected to ship on 10/13/2020 from SmartPractice
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